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  1. Order

  You need to place an order at least 2 to 3 working days before delivery. There are many ways to place an order:

  Tel: 010-84925991/84927430; +86 010 84921633


  Fax: (+86) 010-84924478

  Please fill in the product name and requirements, quantity, orderer's name, company name, contact information and destination in the order form in detail.

  Order form download address:

  2. Order confirmation:

  Upon receipt of your order, the sales staff will verify the content of the order with you and make a quotation. We will arrange delivery after receiving your payment.

  3. Ship:

  Railway transportation, automobile transportation, air transportation, express transportation, etc. can be selected. The transportation method mainly depends on the ordering person.

  4. About order cancellation instructions

  Foreign customers need to cancel the order due to specific reasons, please inform at least two weeks before delivery.

  5. Restricted use and breeding

  The customer will use the product in a manner that complies with all applicable laws. The customer guarantees that SPF chickens/chicken embryos/eggs purchased from Beijing Boehringer Ingelheim Vital Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will not be used for internal applications other than the customer's compliance with applicable laws It will not be bred (for sale or other purposes) or provided to any third party for any purpose.

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